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Over time the »PSR Registration Shuffler« has gained quite an expressive feature list and has become very stable. Although this is quite an achievement by itself this is not the end. If you enjoyed usinge the program please consider lending a hand or two so that we can improve the program even more together. Your help - no matter of which kind - will be very welcome.

So what could you do?

Of course programing is one thing where you could step in. But even if this is not your cup of tea there are many other things to do. For example:


Most people prefer to have their computer "talk" to them in their native language. For this reason I made it as easy as possible to translate the »PSR Registration Shuffler« into foreign languages by relying on the well-proven GNU gettext library. Translating is not hard. You just get a text file which shows the original (English) text side-by-side with your translation. This can either be done using your text editor of choice or with dedicated tools.

Bug Reports

No software is without errors. Unfortunately the same goes for the »PSR Registrations Shuffler«. But that's not so much of a problem. Because if something goes wrong you can simply drop me a line and I'll be more than glad to fix the error as soon as possible. To make this as easy as possible the program pops up a error window whenever something really goes wrong. This window contains most necessary information for me in order to understand the error which is why the error description can be saved to a text file from there without much ado.

Feature requests are welcome, too.

Test And Example Files

Many generous people have stepped forward and provided test files of their instruments already so that by today the »PSR Registration Shuffler« supports six different file formats of six different instruments (including the Yamaha PSR-2000 of myself). New model variants are invented every day and there's a big base of now vintage instruments which are not supported yet. So if you own one of these instruments I'd really appreciate if you could store some registrations for me to analyze. Also I'd appreciate if you allowed to distribute the files along with the program as example files.

And Even More

Know about something else which needs attention? Like artwork, documentation or anything else? Together we can do it.

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